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Fixing a value once it reaches a certain number

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Hi guys,

I was hoping someone might have a clue here...I have a vop with an object running over an rbd simulation to activate pieces, the only problem is they seem to be becoming inactive again after being activated. So the basic question here is if there is a way to fix an attribute once it reaches a number (in this case 1) so it cant change back to 0?


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Hi Jason,

If this is on SOP level, you can use a sop solver and compare it with it self from last frame, something like

if(point(1, "active", @ptnum)) { i@active = 1;}

where you have the first input as itself and the second input as prev frame. 

However, if you are doing the vop that you are doing inside dop solver it should keep your comparison, imho.

Hope it helps!


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