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Spiral Unrolling / Rolling Animation

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If you know VEX, you can use an attribute wrangle inside a solver. Here is a rough sketch..

Set up a (quadratic) spiral:

float rounds = (@numpt - 1) * 0.5;
float grad = 1 - ( @ptnum / float(@numpt - 1) );
float spiral = (rounds * $PI * grad);
@P.x = cos(spiral);
@P.y = sin(spiral);
@P *= grad;

Unroll the curve inside a solver:

int pt = int( ceil(@Time) );
float amount = ( radians(@Time % 1.0) * $PI * 2.5 );
matrix m = ident();
vector axis = set(0, 0, 1);
vector offset = point(0, "P", pt);
if(@ptnum > pt) {
    @P -= offset;
    rotate(m, amount, axis);
    @P *= m;
    @P += offset;

To get the wavy curve, merge it with a trail SOP running on the last point.

Useful links:



Example file:


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I'd looked at this problem a few weeks ago, got 90% the way there looking at some other odforce posts, this inspired me to finish it. :)

The idea is to first calculate the angle between each curve segment, then apply it in a for each loop so each segment is rotated by the total of all the previous segment angles, at the correct pivot point.



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Thanks, I will try to do this effect to rolls of different number of corners like hexagons etc

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c'mon, Matt, you're soooooooooooooooo close to completing this challenge....could almost reach the finish line now....


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