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Trail SOP help

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Hi all,

I'm having what I'm expecting is a very simple issue with the trail SOP. As my points are dying/ptnum is resetting, I'm getting glitches at the ends of my trails.

Obviously if it was a POP sim, I could just trail > cal vel, then append an add SOP to ad a primitive based on id, however I can't figure out how to do it using the @ ptnum variable in the attribwrangle.

Is @ ptnum is actually just the wrangle variable, and not actually the point attrib? Been scratching my head on this for a while.

.hipnc attached, any help very much appreciated.broken_trails.hipnc

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Hi Tim,

I think the trail is actually doing the right thing, since your point number is not changing only the positions, the points go suddenly from one end to another, and that is causing the velocity and the added geometry to suddenly get large. I attached a cheat way where you just delete those long edges caused by this... and after this you could probably keep track of the point number that belongs to the deleted primitive, do a point cloud look up for these points to their neighbors and use average v as velocity and compute the other end of the line based on this velocity and add that line? Sorry I could not think of a direct way to fix it right before the trail so that you don't need to do all these post process... Hope it helped!


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