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FLIP collision with moving object

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Hi all,

I'm facing an issue with my FLIP simulation and I don't know how to handle it.

I have a fluid in a container. The object is moving so I need to have accurate collisions (I tried collisions with Source Volume, and with Collision Source - it seems to work better with fast moving object - but it's not enough even with 10 substeps on the solver)

When the container is falling toward the ground I can't have my fluid with nice collisions and nice motion to create splashes. I tried to inject velocity with a pop advect by volumes but it's not really pretty.

Does anyone have some tips?



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Hi,try to extrude sides of this geometry,make it thicker ,and use that as colision.Also value on colision separation that you use is too low and it is not nessery,just use biger value,i tryed with 0.01 and it works fine 

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