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Skinn Shader network in houdini?

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I have my 3D model that i created in zbrush.
Model has now UV-s and i also created texture maps.
I created texture maps in Mari.
Maps that i created are:
Base Color (epidermal) - Surface of the skinn
Epidermal Color map - Outer layer of skin
Subdermal map - Deepest layer of skin
Mid scatter map - This is layer where i painted also veins
Specular map primary - Dictates skinn general specularity
Specular map secondary - Dictates where are the oili areas in the face (As you may know skinn is in some areas more oily then others)
Displacement map - used xyz texturing method

Now i am trying to figure out what tool to use to create skinn shader.
Maya or Houdini.
I have used Houdini more then Maya.
So thinking to try Houdini.
I went over some Houdini tutorials but got bit confused as i am no expert in VEX.
Anyone has some sample file or screenshot of skinn shader?
Note! I have textures as UDIM-s.


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