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[CROWD] Randomizing wrist orientation

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Hello everybody!

I've got one agent for a crowd simulation. He's holding a sword on his R_hand. When using Agentedit node, Im able to adjust transformations of that controller, which is great, but it affects all agents in the same way. =(

What would be the approach to randomize the wrist rotation to get some variation over to the crowd sim ?



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One suggestion might be is to run a point wrangle after your crowd_source targeting the packed agents.

Then use agentrigfind() to look for the wrist part of the rig. This would return an ID that you could use with the agentlocaltransform() function. From here you would now have a transform matrix that you can randomize, then just write it back to your agents using setagentlocaltransform()

Conceptually I believe that would be the workflow :lol:

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