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Hi all! Loads of cool stuff here.

I'm looking for ideas/suggestions from Houdini veterans on how to recreate a process of melting or a differential erosion of the material. I have attached a screen cap of the closest example I've found in a video by Christoph Bader/Dominik Kolb called Area Contraction. Also attached a macro shot & GIF of my physical experiment of creating similar structures via melting. Sadly, I haven't been able to find any papers or simulation breakdown examples of Area Contraction or how to replicate it in Houdini.

There are so many potential paths to take that I feel a bit lost - is it best to operate in volumes or VDBs? Or should I simply stick to particle solvers? FLIP liquid with attractors? FLIP liquid driven by temperature values (lava, snow, ice shelf tools)?




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There's a lot more going on in that area contraction video.  My guess is they're taking a base torus, filling it with particles, giving the particles a varying density attribute driven by voronoi noise, fading the density over time, converting those particles into a volume, smoothing the volume, and finally converting that volume into poly's.


You can also use the vdb reshape sdf node to erode your volume and get a similar effect.

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