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Justin K

For Loop Versus Copy Sop?

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Hello all, 

Im trying to replace the copy sop with the for loop in a project file (see attached).  I've been building it while following some training from an older tutorial.  Honestly, I am getting pretty frustrated with my inability to understand how to make a For Loop iterate through points over time-it pretty much indicates how little I understand about how Houdini processes data.  

Any pointers on this?

Also, anybody willing to show me a few things for this in an attribute wrangle rather than a for loop would be amazing--Ive been REALLY trying to learn this software, and I feel like every time I start making progress, I hit some seemingly simple pothole of a problem, and inevitably can't get passed it.  Like this one, I tried to figure this out myself for a while, now I'm all but giving up (until tomorrow of course! :D)and asking for help :(.

Sorry for the noob post.  


Ive attached the project file.  


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