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Justin K

Copy Stamping Noise Vop_Varying Seed

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Hey all.

Trying to rap my head around a problem.  I am copying a line to a curve. I have a simple noise applied to the line to be copied.  The issue is the noise is going to be the same for each copy I make.  I would like to randomize the noise if possible without changing key parameters like amplitude or roughness. 

 I have attached a file--it is what is within the purple backdrop.  Atypically I would do this via stamping: if I was trying to randomize scale i would create a  scale attribute in the copy sop and then stamp this back upstream into a transform.  Problem is, there are no parameters for noise (as far as I can see) that I can use as sort of fake SEED attribute to actually stamp in the first place.   

Amplitude, roughness, are a no go, as is 3d Frequency.  

3d offset, which might work, shifts the noise off the origin, which creates a problem when it comes to copying the line to the curve in the first place.  I would like it to stay snapped to the origin if I can.   I was originally trying to use the 3d offset and then a fit range within vops to to snap the initial point (0) back to the origin, but wasn't having much success.  I would prefer to avoid the brute force approach of setting initial point values to zero using setpointattrib if possible.  

Any suggestions on how to get around this?  Thanks!  




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41 minutes ago, Noobini said:

here you are...(I also changed your copy1 to copy2...is that right ?)

Since now the line are all different 'noises'...I had to move it so each line is back at Origin


Thanks!  Using the inverse of the current point position to transform it back, prior to copy but after the stamped attribute.   Perfect.  And thanks for showing me a new expression B) point(surface_node, point_number, attribute, index).  

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