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Evan Peignet

Copy Points With Rotation Along Curve

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Hello guys !

I need a little help. I have a curve and I am trying to get secondary curves around it. And finally to convert it to geometry with polywire. I don't want my curves to interpenetrate or to twist.

I scatter points into a circle. I give an individual attribute to each point. I copy them to the points of the curve.
I tried polyframe and vex code to keep the orientation of the points along the curve. I manage to get it but now I see that my secondary curves twist at some points. I think that I should use quaternion as orient before the copy but I don't know how to use it.
For the moment, I've got this in my wrangle before the copy :

v@N = v@N ;
vector tangentu = v@tangentu;
vector up = set(0,1,0);
vector side = cross(tangentu, up) ;

v@up = side;
v@side = side ;
v@N = tangentu ;

// p@orient = set(@tangentu.x, @tangentu.y , @tangentu.z, radians(90) );

At the end, I will use a polywire (and I don't want them to twist around my main curve).

Do you have some ideas of how I can do this ?

I join the scene to explain.


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Hey !

Thank you djiki, it works like a charm with the sweepSOP with Angle Fix and Fix Clipping activated.

By curiosity, would you know how I could have done it with quaternion ?

Have a good day !

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