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Very cool showcase of procedural modeling. I especially dig the hair braids and the boot generation. Have you created the ground also in Houdini?

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Thank You

Yeah, ground is also Houdini, while there's nothing special there, IMO. Except instanced rocks, they are 'manual' work, it was just easier to get desired shape, still keeping as much low resolution, for around ten of initial instances. Perhaps only special part is small 'blending area' around each big rock, created by VDB combining, smoothing and deleting unwanted polygons. I believe that 'blending area' helped big rocks to fit to ground plane better, visually.

Will see is there a way for as much generic mini-braids generation. For now it's based on (my own) system which generates really too much of guides in such case. Also has probably unnecessary loops, for syncing the along-length-distribution with arbitrary braid thickness, so on. In short, while it works, it's too slow and messy for going in public.


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14 hours ago, McNistor said:

@amm That ground looks great. I'd love to take a peek inside its SOP. And maybe at the shader network too.

Here is hiplc with complete ground with ground shader, I've cleaned scene a bit. For distribution of rocks, I think there are better methods described in tutorials around. I've used a sort of simple repeating by modulo to get multiple instances into positions of scattered points.

Shader is somewhat special, I've tried to get as much bright  'dry' look, together with as much dark shadows from sun, typical for NASA photos of Mars. So finally there's mix of two PBR diffuse VOPs, one has faded front face to act as a 'dry reflection'. Mix is a bit modified screen blending of these two - instead of 'classic screen blending' where colors are subtracted from RGB 1, here's arbitrary value, I called it 'pedestal'. Effect is exaggerated brightness compared to standard diffuse shading, while color still can't go over 'pedestal' value, also bright parts are gradually blended to that max color, here it is some bright orange. Normally, someone will do such things in post. Doing that directly in render is a bit risky business - as it is for now, I'm not sure is it able to respond correctly to possible additional indirect light. Anyway it seems that Mantra is nicely resistant to such methods.


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