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Giving a shape to pyro

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Hello all, Does anybody has an experience with giving a random shape to pyro? For example i wanna do a fire on crown shape but it will just stay on that shape. Normally i am giving a crown shape fire but after few second shape is getting out of the shape and becoming regular fire lol shape is disappear and big fire is coming.... 

I have tried to make a volume with crown shape missing inside and used for field but didnt work it out well. 

So , if anybody has an experience about that , i would love to see the file and learn.



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I had a quick ten minute attempt and created a hip file - not entirely sure if its what your after so apologies if not. But I do think the setup ive made could be changed in various ways to perhaps fit what your exactly wanting I'm just not certain from your explanation :).

- Normal fire / pyro setup - from some scatter particles on the geo - then do a quick random pop sim which I then (using the ray sop) pin back to the geo shape and transfer the velocity from this back to my emission points) helps the fire remain the shape of your object - Havent tested it at higher res as I cant right now, but hope it helps somewhat atleast!

Best C.



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