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Freezing Attributes

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Hi Odforce! 

Im working on a little project using the object packing technique from Ben Watts Design's tutorial. I've got an attribute VOP using turbulent noise to drive the pscale attribute. Im then reading this into a popnet through a sop solver, but when the particles move they adopt the pscale of the underlying position of the noise. I believe this issue is related to the sop solver reading the new pscale in every frame but im unsure how to essentially freeze this attribute. I want the points to be born, adopt the pscale based on the location it spawns on, then for the pscale attribute to remain frozen for the rest of the simulation, how do i go about setting this up? 

I have attached the scene file here. 


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Think I figured it out. 

Issue was the suspected sop solver bringing in and updating the pscale attribute per frame. a simple line in a pop wrangle fixes it. 

@pscale = point(2, "pscale", @ptnum)

which I think translates to, pscale attribute is equal to the pscale point attribute in input 2, run over every point number

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