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Houdini 16 *no ocean render node* How to render displacement?

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Hello, Houdini wizards!

In Houdini 16, I'm trying to merge my FLIP sim with the ocean surface, but i'm stuck with the workflow.

It seems like in the newer version of houdini 16+, save_spectra has "replaced" "ocean render". With houdini 15, all you had to do was connect the core fluid to ocean preview AND ocean render, and then use the fetch node and point to the ocean render displacement location. 

However, in Houdini 16, due to the different nodes for the "small wave",  i am experiencing lots of problems creating the displacement maps. My viewport which shows the FLIP sim and the ocean waves is completely different to my render window! 


1) What i did was that i saved the output file in "Save spectra" node.

2) The fetch export node is already sourcing from save_spectra.

3) Mantra node connected to fetch export spectra.

4) Created and locked the camera to perspective view.

Now when i render, its only rendering the small ocean waves, and completely ignores my FLIP sim.


What am i doing wrong?? Can someone save me?






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