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Swimming UV Projection

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Hi guys,

I have a problem trying to UV project a brick texture onto a wall of individual bricks which uses a mograph style effector created in using the Copy Stamp in SOPS
The texture stays fixed in UV space as the bricks rotate and obviously I want the projection to be fixed to the bricks as they rotate, I've tried doing a time shift on frame 1 with the UV project and then attribute copied back as 'uv' but thats not working :(
I suspect because they are at 0 scale on the first frame so the projection is null and void.
I have the bricks animating on controlled by the values I've put into my copy sop, they are:
$A*360 in Rotate and $A all in scale.
Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?
Thanks in advance

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A few things you could try, all are basically 'just do whatever you need to do to get the bricks looking correct for the uv project.'

-A wrangle to set pscale back to 1 after the timeshift 

-in your main animation have your bricks in a good uv pose in a pre roll frame, timeshift to that instead. 

-pre animation get your bricks in a good texture pose, rest sop to store that in a rest attrib, then in your texture branch have a wrangle that does @P = @rest;

In the end all you're doing is copying attributes between geo, doesn't matter how you get there. 

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