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converting old createatr into wranglenode

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please could you help me in converting this damn file, where I want to convert the "create attribute" nodes into pointwrangler.

the attribcreate_growRate makes Problems. Further in the DOP node, Sopsolver, the vopsop_check_collision.

You'll find the original file here: http://ihoudini.blogspot.de/2009/05/growing-objects.html

the modified here:

This was my original starting point.

Would be really great if someone could help me. Slowly the different areas from Houdini become an unit for me. In the case of VEX and wranglers I still having problems...



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So I had a quick look at your file and remember that hscript != vex so all the @TX @PSCALE, @MAX etc so @TX that you have there, will be @P.x and @P.y and so on, Also some of the function that you are using contain some wrong parameters. when you are unsure what the function is expecting you can highlight part of it and press F1. Also that is pretty old way of doing that grow algorithm. There is newer and faster way to do the same exactly thing. For one you can check out the Entagma video that talks about this.



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Hmm, thank you. The reason why I try to translate this old file isnt in and of itself the grow theme, as much as the converting per se. Of course I already know these fantastic tutorials from Entagma.

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