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Promote Ramp parameter via python

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Is it possible to promote a ramp parameter (retaining channel links) via python (or even hscript)? 


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Open Operator Type Properties window, then select Export Parameter to Type Properties in ramp's parameter context menu. Is it what you are looking for?

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Sorry I don't follow what you're suggesting but I don't think it would be that.

I'm looking for an automated way to promote a node's parameters to another. Currently the only way I know how to do this successfully for ramp parameters (or any multi-parm parameter) is through the UI with these steps:

- select a given parameter to promote from a node's parameter dialog window

- drag selected parameter into a different node's parameter interface window

- the different node will now have a copy of the selected parameter, with channel references to the original parameter that will update when you add new control points to the ramp.


I would like to achieve the same with a script. Currently for other parameters I can setup a channel reference simply by doing hou.parm.set( [hou.parm object of parameter I want to link to] ) but this fails for ramp parameters.


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