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Volume mixing with VolumeVop

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Hello !

I made an explosion and I try to make it loop with Timeshift and volume mix nodes, Sadly I feels its too limited as the fading between the two volumes are quite obvious.

Is there a way to mix volumes with a VolumeVOP ? The idea is to add simple 3d noise as the volume fade in and out.


Thanks a lots :)

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10 hours ago, chrisdunham95 said:

You could also try the 'make_loop' sop which is from the game shelf tools :) (can also dive inside and see what its doing!)

Oh boy I didnt know that tool, unfortunately that doesnt solve my noise problem but its looks really handy !

3 hours ago, Nache said:


Here's a little example on how you can approach this. Let me know if you need me to clarify something.



Hello ! I dwelt into it and its really cool ! I tried to recreate it in volumevop to be sure I understood everything. Could the knoise use a ramp ? tried but I've no idea of what I'm doing for now.

Thanks a lots :)


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