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Sending crowd sim to IFD file

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Hello node friends !

I have a problem in hands here.

Basically I'm doing a stadium crowd sim. So far so good. 

I'm then doing the shading over on the material style sheet and rendering with mantra.

I also have a cloth sim with the same proprieties over on that style sheet.

The problem I have here is the following:

I can render the flags over on the farm with the IFD generation, I've included the SHOPs on the mantra ROP. That part is solved.

When it comes to rendering the Crowd, it just renders black. I've tried caching out the results, using procedural geometries and the procedural agent SHOP but it still renders black.

I can render it just fine on my machine, when it comes to the IFD rendering part, the machines can't render it.

Notice that I have all the agent caches and maps over on a shared network drive that it can access, otherwise the cloth wouldn't be able to render it either.


Any ideas?

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