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Novice looking for tutorial

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Hello. I am very new and I only have access to Houdini very rarely. I would like to spend a lot of time learning two techniques. So I'm looking for two tutorials. The first is a method to replace the edges of a solid Platonic with a shape in 3d ... The second is a method to draw a path on a photo 2d and it is done with 3d stones in fact, an artificial "landart" ..... Links with tutorials would make me a great pleasure ... Thank you ... To make matters worse I do not speak English very well.

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I would recommend you to go through Rohan Dalvi if you are a completely beginner. He is doing, as a matter of fact, a whole series in how to get into Houdini right now. 
Not sure what you are asking for exactly, but Im guessing you want to copy 3D geo into the lines of a platonic solid? Maybe you have a reference to what you want?



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