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Varying *one* shader on multipart object being instanced?

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How would one go about varying one parameter on one of the shaders on an object being instanced that has multiple materials applied in its geo network?

I have watched a few tutorials and read some posts on instancing and varying material / shader parameters. However, all of them deal with simple objects and varying the material parameter applied to object at scene level (or using point attributes, which again set the material for the entire instance).

Varying for example the color for the material being applied to an entire instanced object is easy (using pointinstance() to drive it), but using pointinstance on a material parameter, when the material is applied in a sop network affect all instances in the same way, there is no variance.

I hope my case description makes sense. Any pointers would be very welcome. Thanks in advance! :)



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Your final node in sop connect to all materials node you have and now use a switch node and connect in it's inputs all outputs from those material nodes. In expression of switch node you can use pointinstance()  function to tell the switch node which input (material) to use  

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