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Justin K

Copy Sop: Passing Through Attributes Besides orient, up, and N

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Hey all, 

Any way to pass a vector besides @up and @N through the copy sop unchanged-specifically their cross product (v@cross)?   


So here is what I have. I am doing some pseudo rigging on points using quaternions.     I have four separate lines, each with @up, @N, and v@cross vectors aligned in a specific way (see file).   For the sake of stability, and visual convenience,  I am using quaternion rotations to animate the point vectors themselves,  up stream of the copy sop.  If you visualize cross, up and N youll see what I mean.  


When I get to the copy sop, two things happen.  The attached objects are copied and aligned correctly  (with N aligning with the up and up as N, respectively).  However t the cross product is not coming through unchanged.    This is a problem for this rig specifically.  The cross products were set up explicitly in the beginning, and Id like them to stay that way without any, well, unnecessary effort

Any way to resolve this within the copy sopy sop itself?  On my end I am working on work arounds, but it is a bit manual, and redundant.  Currently I making an attribute for each of the 4 lines, then after I copy the objects, I am recreating the cross product and then realigning afterwords using conditional statements tied to the attribute in a vop sop.  Thing is, id rather not have to do this, especially if my iterations increase significantly, this management system might get out of control.

Any suggestions would be helpful!  TO clarify, I am familiar with @orient, and I use it for getting quick stable rotations, but right now this is more of a technique thing, and I feel like having three implicit control vectors you can visualize, and  pass through the copy sop unchanged would be very helpful. 





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in the transfer attributes table you can put stuff like

"* ^up ^N" :) that should transfer everything except the ones prefaced with a ^ character


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