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Dissolve from texture

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Hi folks,

Trying to approach an effect where I have a meteorite that I want to dissolve based on a marble texture. I'd like to have the dissolve start from the "swirly veins" of the marble and grow out and into it until the meteorite completely disappears. 

Loose ways I have thought of is

-- Cd Attribute from map --> points --> propagation through solver --> delete based on Cd --> vdb --> mesh

-- Attribute from map --> isolate veins geometry --> expand veins geometry --> cookie/boolean over initial

Would it be possible to achieve with a volume vop or other volume operations? Maybe VDB combine?

Need good detail and solid interior of the meteorite.

Any directions and/or tips highly appreciated!





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Probably the easiest way would be to try and recreate the marble texture with several noises merged together.

You'd have an easier time then isolating the edges -> take the complement of you noise, feed it through a fit - change a bit the range and subtract it to the original noise.

That way you avoid making UV's for your meteor, and you can animate the noise for fun effects.

As for the dissolving, I think vdb dissolving is the right way to go, this video from entagma illustrate it well:


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