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How to rotate each letter individually in a polyextruded text ?

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So , I have a Font piped into a Polyextrude. I would like to be able to control the rotation of each letter, with something like a delayed rotation, where the delay increases with x. So I have found that I can iterate over the primitives in a Primitive Wrangle,  but I'm not sure where to go from there. There is a textindex attribute on each primitive. I assume I have to compute a transform for each point, using the textindex information to compute the center of the letter, but I 'm not sure how to iterate over the points / primitives.

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Thanks a lot. I'm fixing the rotation so that it starts rotating at the same time it starts displaying the rotating version.

Also, it looks like it's a bit expensive to run on the extruded node, so in this case, I moved the for loop higher so that it runs after the text itself, an corrected the pivot by translating it half of the polyextrude distance.

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