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Subdivision UV Sculpting?

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I am trying to make a system where I have a low-res UV set that gets projected onto a subdivided grid. But I don't want the UVs to be stitched together (which subdivide seems to do). My goal is to displace sculpt by moving the low-res blocks around. I have a basic setup almost working but as you can see in the image there are still areas that are displaced when black and lowered when white. I would like the system to use the color luminance to control the height of the displacement.



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Thanks, that does help it look better.

I am trying to emulate a modeling technique from another software package inside of Houdini. But separating Uvs from Subdivided faces seems almost impossible in Houdini.

I can model in the other package and bring them into Houdini but it would be nice to have a Houdinicentric solution to avoid the export/import step.




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