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add pop advect by volumes, instead of blend

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Hi, I have a question about popAdvectByVolume in popSim. There is a option parameters > update velocity and velocity blend. Instead of blend, I want to add two popAdvectByVolumes, but I have no idea how to use popVop as first picture shows

As second picture, I tried to set first popAdvectByVolume as velocity update, and set second one as force update. I was thining two combined vels = vel + force But it's not working exactly.

Does anyone have idea how to set up vopPop? thanks!



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What you have setted on "Imput tab" takes only data from first and second input of the Dopnetwork, nothing from the two "popadvect" connected to the "popvop". To do operations with two forces or v generated from the popadvect I would simply rename one of the two @force in f@force2 and calling with two "bind" the attributes inside the "popovop" to do mix or other kind of operations, that works with velocity too. :) cheers 

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