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  • 4 weeks later...

DM 1.5 released.

What's new:
1. SoftBoolean 1.1 - UI improvements and small optimizations, groups preservation, new soft-boolean tools
2. Geometry Library 1.5 - add elements by the construction plane, filter items with mask, UI revamped
3. Menu - fully redesigned menu subsystem. User can now create custom menus with submenus by using a simple Python syntax
4. Menus are now fully customizable and works much better with HiDPI displays
5. Shelf fully redesigned
6. All tools and HDAs have icons
7. Quick Deform revamped. Added new tools: View Deform, Size Deform, Ramp Deform
8. Lots of new modeling HDAs
9. Python code is now open
10. Works with Houdini >= 17.5
11. Modeler - a brand new mode for classic polygonal modeling

Early DM 1.5 beta in action: https://youtu.be/0tWJdtk1z0Q

Gumroad link:

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DM 2 for Houdini released! Product link: https://gum.co/xKBKM

What's new:
    General changes:
    1. Soft Boolean 2.0:
       1.1. Revamped core
       1.2. Revamped UI
       1.3. Better fillet build algorithm
       1.4. Smart normals allows to get very nice models without tweaks
       1.5. Faster then Soft Boolean 1.*, despite it always builds normals
       1.6. Different analyzation modes
    2. Insert Mesh 2.0 now uses smart normals, which leads to much cleaner results
    3. Geometry Library 2.0 allows to save models with materials
    4. Lots of DM HDAs fixes

    Modeler 2.0:
    1. Edge Flow can be used to set flow for selected edges or using, previously inserted, multiply edge loops
    2. Push tool now highlights edge under the mouse pointer, which leads to much stable use of RMB menu tools
    3. Push tool can set flow for highlighted edge or loop
    4. Flatten menu (Alt+F) now uses gestures. It is a very fast way to flatten components by left, right, top or bottom directions
    5. You can now convert selected edges to loops with A+RMB hotkey
    6. Align view is now works like in 3dCoat or ZBrush. Press Shift while rotating the viewport camera
    7. ToolsPanel (Spacebar key) has now a "Custom" section - a place where you can use custom scripts or stock Houdini tools
    8. "Relax Selection" tool, applied to edges, now uses a new Smooth Edges HDA. It allows to smooth selected edges as separate curves
    9. More uses of mouse wheel in some modeling states
    10. Extrude tool can now extrude edges in screen space or using Shift and Ctrl to move by the best axis
    11. Selector is a powerful fast way to select geometry by features like, component normal or vertex count etc
    12. "Pick Duplicate Material" tool can be used to quickly select material from face and assign it's copy
    13. Extrude and MoveExtrude tools are now combined
    14. Inset tool removed, use Extrude instead
    15. Modeler menu now has more tools
    16. Some hotkeys changes

    Modeler Topo:
    1. New tools category "Topo"
    2. Can be used to quickly create retopology of high-poly models
    3. Use any of modeling tool and finish edits with a Project tool
    4. Special red cursor indicates that you are in Topo mode
    5. Native retopology tools are now better integrated into Modeler and Modeler menu
    6. F1-F6 keys can be used to switch between TopoBuild SOP modes without actual state activation
    7. Special TopoStripe tool can speedup retopology stage with drawing ribbons and circles

    Modeler UVs:

    1. New tools category "UV"
    2. "UV Auto Flatten" HDA automatically creates UV map. Can be used in combination with Unwrap and UV Layout tool
    3. Unwrap HDA 3.0 is now integrated to the Modeler mode.
       Use Ctrl+RMB or Connect tool (V) to pick edges without needs for pressing buttons in the Parameters pane
    4. Connect tool (V), called in UV viewport, sew edges interactively
    5. MMB, Shift+MMB, Ctrl+MMB can be used to transform UVs quickly
    6. Flatten menu (Alt+F) can be used to flatten UVs by left, right, top or bottom directions


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On 8/20/2019 at 5:14 AM, zarralax said:

Hi Alexey,

Last year you said the upgrade from DM1 to DM 2.0 was going to be free, how do current DM users get the new version? 


No, they don't. He has backed down from that claim, it's a paid update now. Everyone who was waiting for free 2.0 should enjoy 1.5.

EDIT: Apparently, he's getting notifications from this forum in minutes, guys. And he didn't like what I briefly said the current state of things, and answered the question he doesn't like answering. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 22.36.11.png

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2 minutes ago, Alexey Vanzhula said:

So, now you know that you don't right. Maybe you have to delete this anomal post

I don't see no "anomal" post, and I don't think what I'm wrong about anything I've said. 

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37 minutes ago, Alexey Vanzhula said:

You sick

No-no, I'm pitty. Pretty pitty man.

Dude, just ___ it. Let's not blow it out of proportions any more. You keep making tools and money, I enjoy my glamorous version 1.5. :) I don't think you are right, and have lots of point why, you not gonna change your mind or attitude. Period. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 00.05.03.png

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On 8/19/2019 at 9:14 PM, zarralax said:

Hi Alexey,

Last year you said the upgrade from DM1 to DM 2.0 was going to be free, how do current DM users get the new version? 


I seem to remember same thing. there is a discount. 

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8 hours ago, bobc4d said:

I seem to remember same thing

You don't need to remember. You could just scroll back to first pages of this thread... oh, but no, you can't. Today he's deleted all his posts from April to July period. Good thing is, I always make screenshots of everything. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 13.05.51.png

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HEllo , i was very surprised when i discover today you change the deal we made Alexey !

We deal : DM 1.0 (with possibility of updating to 2.0)  for an amount of money.

No you have change the deal . It's not this way that work. You cannot change the deal by your own. you have to ask everyone wich have do this deal with you to find a new deal.

You are not D.TRUMP, don't act like him. it's not business it's bullshit.

If you respect your community, it will grow like you never expect. If not, you will loose it.


You can ask in gumraod to people to give what they want by explaining that it was a lot of work more than expected and you need money. I'm sure people like me are ready to support someone wich work hard.  you gain support and credibility this way.

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