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Few questions: Redshift on H16.5/OSX

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Hi all!

I'm wondering if there are any folks running Redshift on OSX with a 750M 2gb Geforce/2014 MBP, could you answer some questions?

- I will need Houdini Indie to run the Redshift trial, is that right?

- Would 2gb of vram be worth it to run a gpu renderer? Not working on production scenes, just small fun test scenes.

- Are the Redshift dsos locked to a specific version of Houdini? I downloaded the trial, it's for H16.5.2xx, but I'm running 16.5.3xx


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I can't give you definite answers, but from what I've heard:

1) I don't think you need Indie to run the trial.

2) 2gb should definitely be enough, especially because RS uses RAM when VRAM is used up. It takes a little more time but it should work.

3) From installing my versions, I a pretty sure the RS-installs need the exact version of Houdini they are made for. For example I installed the 16.0.678 RS to my 16.0.5xx version of Houdini and it wouldn't work until I matched the versions.

I hope that helps,


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If you read the new posts on Redshift forum you'll find these older 2Gb cards are begin phased out. Specifically cards with a GPUcompute value of 2.0. Also, you are already sharing that 2Gb of memory with your display and any other programs you have open. So you actually have less than 2Gb from the start.

It does not hurt to try out the demo though. Small test scenes can work and allow you to get used to how the system operates.

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tortoise, Atom, thanks for the replies!

I finally got it to work, thanks tortoise - I had to find the exact matching Houdini version.

Sadly, it's exactly like what Atom suggests: I could only run the render a few times before I ran out of memory vram >.>

I may have to get an egpu... gah. Moneh!

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