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Constraints mixing pops and bullet

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Hi all, I am trying to create a setup where a set of rbds are following a specific animation, so far is working, jittering is something I can look into later, but for now the big problem is creating the constraints, if I bring the boxes the usual way with the rbd packed object the constraints will work, but bringing them with the popsource they don't work.

Would love to get some help here.




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I had a go at tidying it up based on what I've learned in the past month; not sure if I've missed the point of what you're trying to do though!

I removed all the pop stuff and things that didn't seem necessary, all the constriant weirdness you were getting is stuff I was also getting at first; mostly it comes down to controlling whats animated and whats not; rbd object inputs should be static, and the end of the constraint polyline connected to the rbd object should also be static.

Anyway, here's my file:



all my notes on this stuff are here:






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hi sir sorry,pls fix my issueee.....pls gve fixed scene file....


 pls fix my orientation problem...the cubes is not rotated...pls give fixed file sir....i need same method of fixed file..

[sorry for bad english]



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Hi Matt, thanks very much, I haven't seen your answer, sorry, it was months ago haha, at the end I used a different approach, something that wikipedia calls harmonic damped oscillation, or something like that, basically is F = -KX -CV, 

I used that formula to drive the position of the rbds to the goal position. Also used a modified version of that formula to make an orientation follow, the result of that research are this two videos.




Thanks very much for your answer by the way.



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Wow that's really awesome! Would love to see how you did it if possible.

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