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find string selections automatically for custom subnet

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When creating subnet and putting strings, I want to create auto string's selection like a attached picture. How can I do it for group, primitive, and volume names?


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1. Easy way. From the description, it sounds like you need something similar to common Group parameter. Create dummy node inside subnet in a proper place and promote the Group parameter. It will pick the menu script you need. Optionally, remove the code from parameter template's Action Button tab or, alternatively, promote Group Type parameter to make viewport selection button work, if you want.

2. Hard way. When you need something more custom, it is done via Python (or HScript) using Menu tab on selected parameter template in the parameter editor:



from itertools import chain

geo = kwargs['node'].geometry()

groups = [g.name() for g in geo.primGroups()]
group_menu = [(g, g) for g in groups]

names = geo.findPrimAttrib('name').strings()
name_menu = [('@name=' + n, '@' + n) for n in names]

separator = [('sep', '')]

menu = group_menu + separator + name_menu

return list(chain(*menu))

This will add menu for primitive selections:




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Hi, I downloaded the file. I think coding is very hardcore, so will take dummy way. Thank you, Master!!

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