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Heightfields, displacement and UVs

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In building a terrain, I used Entagma's tutorial on live rendering of Heightfields in Houdini using Redshift: 


The issue I'm running into is that my UV's are now super stretched on the terrain from using displacement on a grid.

My terrain is huge, like 8,600 units across square. If I convert to polygons, it's pretty heavy.

I'm trying to figure out the best workflow that will allow me to have the detail I need, but not be so polygon heavy.

Would exporting out some lower resolution geo for rendering along with a baked displacement map be a good option?

I need to be able to somehow edit the UVs as well so they are not stretched on my terrain texture.


Any help would be appreciated.





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So, I'm getting some decent results now using triplanar mapping. That works really nicely for terrains and it doesn't have the nasty stretching.


What I'm doing now is creating various masks in Houdini, then bringing those into the COP network and using them in the shader to apply various textures to the different areas.

It's been working for both texture maps and normal maps. Although I haven't tried the triplanar mapping with normal maps.


I'll have to post my results once I get something worth posting.

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And how was the lo-poly high-poly workflow solved?. Or are your working over the high-poly directly?

Were you able to use the lo-poly geo with baked displacement?. I'm also trying to find the best solution.



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Hey! Any progress on lo-poly high-poly displacement workflow in here?

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