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link ramp parameters with python

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is there a way that i can link a ramp to another?

like right click copy parameter->paste relative reference

i am doing ramp_parm_1.set(ramp_parm_2) in python,     with python it only link the amount of ponits, but doesnt link the value or position of each point =(

is there a special way to link ramps?




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I am reviving this thread because I have the same problem.

I was able to link 2 ramps via an extra Python Node  that does the following:

sourceRamp = hou.parm('/obj/geo/Box1/Ramp')
destinationRamp = hou.parm('/obj/geo/Box2/Ramp')


I have to setup quite a few ramp links via Python and I would like to do that as a python expression at the destinationRamp. Just doing rightClick -> Expression -> Edit Expression on the destinationRamp's name and putting in hou.parm('/obj/geo/Box1/Ramp').eval() did not work. Would I also have to setup Python expressions for the destinationsRamp's Positions and Values?


Thank You.

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