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How to input an attribute in an HDA parameter?

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Scene file attached with a example case(Normal Displacement)where the problem is presented in 3 columns:
left: Just HDA with single input value driving all points.
center: Attempt to use a random value attribute @foo to drive each point. Failing.
right: HDA exploded with @foo driving each point. Working as intended.

I inputing @foo and `point(0, "foo", @ptnum)` in the HDA parameter but it didn't work.

So what's the best way to set up HDA parameters to also be driven by a per point attribute?



should look like this with the random value point attribute.





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I got some answers at sideFX forums and here I explain my questioning a bit more.
Basically: Is it possible to drive a single SOP float parameter with a geometry attribute? So far seems like the one way to go about it is to have an extra sting parameter to name the attribute... 



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Ok, here's the how I went about it to avoid burdening the UI. In a wrangle inside the Asset I check if the attribute exists with the same name as the parameter in the UI, and if not I create it with the UI value:

float attrib = ch(“attrib”) ; // UI value variable from a spare input in the wrangle SOP.

if(! hasprimattrib(0, “hda_attrib”)) f@hda_attrib = attrib ; // If the attribute doesn't exist, it's created and the UI value assigned to it.

or if I just need the variable:

float attrib = ch("attrib") ;

if( hasprimattrib(0, "hda_attrib")) attrib = prim(0, "hda_attrib", @primnum ) ;

Might not be very pretty to create/rename/copy attributes before the HDA, but since they share the UI parameter name it's straight forward enough, while allowing neat extra control.


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