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Orienting copied objects

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So i have a roof and I want to make some wooden pillars on the inside of this roof. My method is to basically copy the pillars to the centroid line of each side of the roof. I know the copy sop looks at the normals for orientation so I made sure my normals are aligned the right way before I copy. However, The copy is still not respecting the orientation of the normals. I have been trying to figure this one out for 2 days now. Im sure im missing something easy here... I will attach some pictures and my scene file to show you what I mean. 

Thank you.




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The copy SOP has a heirarchy of attributes it reads in, orient being the foremost, N and up if orient is not present, etc.  N alone is not enough to define orientation in most cases, usually you pair it with an up vector attribute as well


You can use a polyframe SOP to generate N and up attribs from curves


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