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How could I apply forces on certain points of an object

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I want to apply force on certain points of an object and using point attributes to control the force. I have tried vop force but it only worked at the center of object, and I can not change sampling mode of vop force.

Is it possible to apply forces per point or per primitive in RBD simulation?


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On 2018/1/3 at 12:15 AM, beliveau.maxime said:

Of course it is!

Groups you create in SOPs get pulled in in DOPs. Here's a small example file to get you started :)




Thanks for you example. But what I want is not apply force on packed individual objects. I want to apply different forces on a single object, and the forces are dependent on point attributes on the object, for example, forces scaled by Cd attribute.

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You can always use an attribute in a vex expression. For instance, in a pop force node, click one UseVEXpressions.

Then you can create a float based on your Cd and drive the amplitude of the noise.

float strength = length(v@Cd);

amp *= strength;

Does this answer your question?



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