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Good evening my fellow Houdini magicians.

I have been trying the last couple of nights to create a Saliva Fx for a dragon roar but my brain is completely drawing a blank... So I figured I would try my luck here and see if someone is up for the challenge. any amount of help is appreciated to get me started.

I have tested a few things, but I was not happy at all with any of it, so I am leaving a clean canvas here and hoping someone has a good approach to this that can get me going.

in my head the saliva would be sticking to the teeth and then slowly get pealed off as the dragon roars, HOWEVER I am not married to a certain look of the FX, I just want to learn how to do a cool saliva FX.


I have attached a clean scene file to start from and also the .bgeo sequence in case you cannot see the geometry in the scene from the locked node.


Thank you in advance for all your help.





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i would try to design some proxy poly geo and curves that sketch the saliva , with manual artistic control (ability to draw the exact pattern you want) 

use cloth + wire solver to generate some dynamic on them

convert those to one mesh with vdb.

then generate additional detail with extra flip simulation on top of your base mesh by inherithing vel of your base mesh.

i will then merge the base mesh generated from cloth/wire and the flip mesh into one object and add some post process magic in sop to smooth the result.


i have not put my hand on grain solver yet , but this video also contain some interesting idea to be modify to a saliva system ( with lot of imagination ... :))



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