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Wall generation from wireframes

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So I created a maze generator which creates a series of polylines. Then using the polyexpand2d I create a connected base for the base which is then poly extruded up. This works great for input geometry that is flat but not so much for true 3d objects. Polywire creates a /passable/ effect but not great. Would there be a way to wrap the 2d maze generation around other objects? Such as a cylinder or (what I have in my head) something more irregular such as an arm?

Edit: sorry if this was a little unclear but what I want mainly want is a way to keep the look achieved with a 2d object on a 3d object, so having the nice rectangular walls where i can control their thickness and height.


(Also I know this is modeling but if you could give me tips on making my process of maze generation better then be my guest!)



maze wire.JPG

final walls.JPG

sphere original.JPG

sphere wire.JPG

sphere final.JPG

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Posted (edited)

i remember there's a github lib that does this nicely...let me try and dig it up....



there should be 'maze' in there...pretty sure it does it in 3D (as well as 2D)...

this might help with installation:


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