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Create HDA using python

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Anyone know how to create an .hda using pyton? Want a script to do the same as rightclick/Create Digital Asset does.


Thanks :)

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hou.Node.createDigitalAsset() + 10 other hou.Node's methods dealing with hda.

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This is the way I have done it in the past when creating a digital asset from a shelf tool:

# Create new digital using OBJ subnet as a base
temp_node = hou.node("/obj").createNode("subnet")

# Create new digital asset from temp node
hda_node = temp_node.createDigitalAsset(
  name = hda_name,
  hda_file_name = hdalib_directory + hda_name,
  description = "DESCRIPTION",
  min_num_inputs = 0,
  max_num_inputs = 0,


# Get HDA definition
hda_def = hda_node.type().definition()

# --------------------------------------------
# Do whatever you need to do with the HDA here
# i.e. Creation, copying and organisation of children:

hou.moveNodesTo(tuple(other_premade_node), hda_node)
# -------------------------------------------

# Update and save new HDA
hda_options = hda_def.options()
hda_def.save(hda_def.libraryFilePath(), hda_node, hda_options)


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