Hello everyone! This is the first demo of a new tool I've been working on in Houdini. The idea is to simplify the process of adding steel reinforcement in concrete fractures, specifically FRC (fiber reinforced concrete) My aim is to produce a single node that takes your simmed geometry and adds these steel fibers along the fractured surfaces. Here are some examples of my tool so far: password = vfx Current controls:
 - max fiber length
 - randomize fiber length
 - max angle (before fiber breaks from the adjacent piece)
Things I plan to add:
 - randomize max angle
 - fragments of concrete stuck to fibers (as seen in example video below)
 - fiber straightness (how straight/crooked the fibers are)
If you have any cool ideas or suggestions, or feedback on my work so far, let me know!   (The idea was inspired by the following breakdown video at 2:39)