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UV mapping on a sweep

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I'm trying to set the UV correctly on this brick arch:

On top it's a bent box, but I'd like to do it with a rectangle + sweep

I got u from curveu from the resample node, and  v from the fact that points are in such an order that the bottom ones are easily found with a formula


Then a uvtransform downstream to tweak things in uv space.

But.. this adds coupling between two nodes (# sides of the polygon <-> formula) , and obviously it's fragile.

What's a better way to have u along the curve, and v normally to the curve (and maybe then in the z /  depth direction too) ?

This after the cross section



copied later with


also works, and requires to have a third node where I have something to setup on uv..







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Second method seems fine for me. Any problem with it? Swap u and v (cross section holds u and backbone holds v). Compute automatic scale using "arclen("../resample1/", 0, 0, 1)" expression. "measuredperimeter" intrinsic can give same value without need to add an extra UV Transform.


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