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Justin K

Object Level Transforms

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Im trying to set up a traditional rig on the object level.  However, I would like to have the rig ctrls (nulls) be adjustable using info from the target objects sop level.  

(See attached)

In the file, I have a sphere, this is my object I will be animating.  I have a top and bottom control on the object level.  These are my nulls, and they are set as nurb's circles.  

How can I set up my rig so that the top null is pinned to the top of the circle and the bottom null is pinned to the bottom of the object even if the sphere changes its scale?  

So, here was my failed methodology. In the sphere (target object), on the sop level, I moved the spheres pivot point to the top of the object using the YMAX function in a transform sop.   I then naively tried to just copy this channel to the top control null's Translate Y channel on the object level and it threw an error--though the null did move to the right spot.....

The basic problem it seems is the translate sops use of local parameters to get info.  This makes it really difficult to use pivot info in places other than that sop.  

If the translate sop contained just numerical info, this data would transfer easy enough.   Now, if I used a point vop, I could quickly used the bounding box vop to get the max size of the object as an attribute.  Can I use THIS  to drive the ctrl nulls starting positions?  


Fishing for ideas here.  

I apologize if this is a really ignorant question. Feel free to tell inform me of a completely different way to do this stuff.   


Any help or pointers would be great!  Thank you!


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