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Shrinking Pieces inside of DOPS

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Hey guys, I am really stuck with this one.

I was told it is impossible to change the scale of a piece inside of DOPS while it's simulating with the bullet solver. I have achieved something similar where the piece goes into dops, gets out of dops, gets transformed in the scale, and then goes back into the same DOPS sim in a loop. So it creates overtime shrinking.

But now I need this to happen inside of DOPS. I´m pretty sure it´s possible. Does anyone have a clue.

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The answer here was clashing names; the sops feeding into a pop source used to drive the rbd sim had static names, meaning when multiple copies of things all had the same name, and wrangles and whatnot were trying to update prim info, the system would get confused.

Adding the current frame to the names in sops ensured everything had unique names (well, unique enough), kept it all under control.

(assuming this is the same problem posted on discord, if not I can post the example scene we came up with)



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