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Help with the Cube Man

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Hey Guys,

    I am working on making a character out of cubes. Basically I want to be able to have the cubes on the mesh, conform to the topology and then have the control to be able to 
    move, rotate and scale the cubes independantly while still conforming to the mesh.

    I have been looking around and found some good solutions for this (see attached images 1 and 2) and I feel that I am close but I have been running into a few snags that seem to
    be a bit above my level of expertise and was hoping to get some assistance. 

    As you can see in image1 the rotations seem to tear or collapse into the cubes as opposed to rotating on a local axis from where it is placed. Basically after calls to primuv and prim_normal any calls to rotate or scale points don't seem to apply the way they should or how you would expect them to. (I hope that makes sense.). 

    If you guys see or know of a better way to implement this type of solution then I would be more than happy to listen and learn. Thanks for your time.

    Cheers, Christian



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Yes, exactly, The cubes would occupy the surface topology and I just want to be able to have a "mograph" type control over the cubes while they still sit on the surface as you see in the pic that I attached. 


Cheers, Christian

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Again, I think this is probably too different to the setup you're working on but it's one way to scale and rotate the underlying polygons (which you can polyextrude into cubes later). For rotations you'd need to decide on the basis about which all transforms should take place. It was quicker to implement by using pack/unpack but I'm not sure that's the most efficient way..


cube man.hipnc

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