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Hey guys !

I 'm searching a way to get an attribute that never decrease, in function of a noise. I want it to increase or stay at the max past value of the noise. This picture illustrates the value I want my attribute to have over time.


I tried to calculate the last frame value and to clamp my actual value to the previous one or to take the highest value between the actual and the previous one. It works, it always takes the higher values between the two. But at the next frame, it doesn't prevent the two values from decreasing because of the noise value decreasing. So it doesn't work.

I also tried to do an array with my firstframe and add the value of noise(@Time) to this array at every frame and then use the max() function of the array. But it adds the elements of all the frame range and gives them the value of current frame noise (that is logical). Do you know how I can create a list that adds the value of noise(@Time) at each frame ?

Do you have any idea of how I could get an attribute never decreasing depending on a noise over time ?

Thank you for your help ! (don't hesitate to ask if I am not clear)

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as f1 is saying, you want to use a sop solver, and access the noise information from previous  frame, and then manipulate that on  current frame as you see  fit.  You could add the value or clamp to that value etc..

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