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Hey all, I'm inflating spheres by using a cloth simulation and SOP solver to increase targetP by normal direction over time. That works great. My issue is, as the spheres inflate they don't react to the force of neighboring spheres pushing against them. You would expect as they push against each they move apart. Right now they act like they're balloons glued to a wall.

Any tips for how I calculate the new inflation force to feed back in to the dynamics? 

Screenshots and .hip attached in case they're helpful to anyone. Thanks for any help!




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i don't know how to calculate your new inflation, but look at your modified file :

- i delete your multisolver and use rest/traget parameter instead. and befor that, i add a transform sop and animate the scale of your sphere.

- one more thing : i use the default cloth parameter and change the bend model ("strong") + decrease drag force (0.1)  to get a more bouncy result.




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