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Realflow user - Flip questions

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I am a Realflow user looking into Flip. I really like the narrowband effect in Houdini and I think this can be powerful. I am still a bigger with Houdini. The workflow with Realflow is: save your animation from 3dsmax as an SD file. Wire that up to the Domain you want to affect in Realflow and you have your fluid interacting with the fluid. 

How do I get an FBX or Alembic animation exported from 3dsmax to interact with a flip tank? To my knowledge, you have to convert the object to a static collision object for it to interact with the fluid. This works fine if the object is animated with Houdini but not if it is an alembic or FBX file. What is the workflow?

Is it possible to make the flip tank from a custom object? Please see the setup in Realflow below that I want to duplicate in Houdini. 




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Hi there!

Flip works great the with "deforming object" shelf tool for collisions.

When working with formats  like alembic, you'll see that it comes in packed, and represented as a single point per object. You basically need to convert/unpack that geo for houdini to recognize all the geometry inside, and manipulate it like it would its native stuff.

Getting into FLIP, definitely take a couple hours and watch these:




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