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Ray node scale input

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Hi guys,

I am trying my best to figure this out. I have a ray node and instead of the scale value animating from 0 - 1 and the whole mesh moving at once, I want it to animate from the bottom up.

So I added a point sop and added color ($BBY in the red) then I added a pointvop and in there I extracted the red and set it to a ramp parameter and animated the ramp so the color now fills up from the bottom.

Then I have the ray node, set to Minimum Distance. I want to enter in an expression into the Scale input that I guess tells the ray sop that where there is color, those points should move to the collision primitive. 

Is this possible or am I going about this the wrong way?

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Thanks Sean,

Yeah it does. I had setup my color wrong in the point vop. I had a white to red ramp instead of a black to red ramp! 

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