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Procedural Curve Wrap Around for Character

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I'm looking to procedurally grow a wire sculpture similar to the one in the photo

I can do vein growth and space colonization fairly well, but I'm not sure how to create this wrapping around style

Any ideas?



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This isn't a perfect solution but it might be a good starting point?

I don't have 16.5 at the moment so I don't have the Edge Transport SOP; instead I'm using Find Shortest Path on the mesh to draw paths from the top of the head down into the rest of the body. From there I'm computing a "flow" vector from the generated paths that is just normalize(@P - prev_P) and then crossing that vector with the surface normal to get the spiraling curves. It's kind of like the old double-cross-product trick but with slightly more informed vectors.

I'm sure a smart maths person would know how to do a better curvature analysis to get those vectors...



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