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Uniform Volume Shader with specular/reflection

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to render points as volumes using the uniform volume shader with specularity/reflection.
I calculated a gradient attribute on my points (to emulate normals) and plugged that into my shader, but I'm having no success as all.
The same technique works if I convert my points to a volume and then use a gradient vector field, however I'd like to get it to work without having to convert my points into a volume.

Attached a screenshot of my current shader and also a hip file.

Any ideas how to get that to work?





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woooow 5 days and not a single reply, what's up Odforce?

Turns out all I had to do was to transform the point gradient attribute from world to camera space and use the PBR Metallic instead of the PBR reflect. Works really well.
Would love to know what's wrong with the PBR Reflect though, why isn't that working as expected? It does if I'm using volumes and a vector3 gradient field ...

Thanks to Andrea Sbabo for the tip to use PBR metallic!

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