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Read only expression on left side of assignment


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Can any VEX experts help with the following. Getting a

"Read only expression on left side of assignment' error for the last line in the following VEX snippet


vector axis = vector(rand(@ptnum));
float angle = radians(ch('amount'));
matrix3 m = ident();
rotate(m, angle, axis);
@orient = quaternion(m);


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On 2/11/2018 at 11:54 PM, mestela said:

Works fine here, sounds like a stuck wrangle, happens sometimes.

Try copying to a fresh wrangle.


That's easier said than done, I just ran into this issue on a wrangle with an heavily modified interface that's referenced in multiple places, to redo it all would take days of grueling work. 

Is there any other way to clear a stuck wrangle?

I guess I'll just revert to an earlier build. I'm very glad I always create new versioned saves. 

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